Jan 8, 2019

School Tuition Grant Deadline January 31

The Catholic Education Foundation for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is again accepting applications for needs-based elementary school tuition grants for the 2019-2020 school year.  Grant awards from $250 to $1000 per student and can be used at any Catholic elementary school within the Archdiocese.  Please note that the deadline for application is January 31, 2019.  For more details and to apply visit: www.catholicbestchoice.org

Recall that this “foundation” (or endowment) resulted from the gifts we pledged in the One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign a few years ago.  The Archdiocese has the CISE program and its counterpart in the Dayton Area to assist the poorest schools in the most financially impoverished areas.  The CEF is intended to assist families who fall into the category not of abject poverty, but who can afford to pay only a part of the subsidized tuition rate.  In other words, “That small assistance gives them the boost they need to be able to send their children to the local Catholic School.”  If you are struggling to afford sending your children to a Catholic School, I urge you to apply.  Some parishes will not consider requests for grants from parish held endowments if the parents have not first applied for the Archdiocesan grant.  Parishioners of both Sacred Heart and St. Ann sacrificed to reach our separate parish goals for the CEF.   If you are fearful your best efforts as a parent may fall a little short of the subsidized tuition rate, making application to the CEF is the best way to show your reverence and appreciation for your fellow parishioner’s sacrifice. 

Communion to Sick and Shut-ins at Sacred Heart

Before I came to Sacred Heart in 2006, the General Instructions of the Roman Missal had specified how the Eucharist was to be received by those Lay Eucharistic Ministers taking communion to sick and shut-ins.  When I learned how it was traditionally done at Sacred Heart, I carried on the tradition.  I knew that the general instructions envisioned a commissioning at each Mass, but I simply fell into the practice that was already working here.  In June of 2018, The Office for Divine Worship and Sacraments of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati issued new specific directives for all parishes in the Archdiocese. 

The implementation of the revised practices of sending the ministers to the sick and shut-ins with the Holy Eucharist will require some modifications as to how our ministers receive the hosts they will take to others.  I will be explaining this in more detail to all Eucharistic ministers at a special meeting from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, January 20 in the church.  If you are currently a Eucharistic Minister, particularly if you are taking communion to the sick or shut-ins, or if you are interested in this ministry, please attend.

Attention Grandparents and Sacred Heart School supporters

Ukulele Project

Next week, we will make flyers available at the doors for a special project to enhance the music program at Sacred Heart School.  The music teacher would like to purchase thirty ukuleles to be used in the school classroom as part of the day to day curriculum.  We have students who play their own personal wind, brass, and percussion instruments after regular classes are ended as an extra-curricular activity.  (I did this in grade school enabling me to later play trumpet in the band at Hamilton Catholic / Badin.)  But these ukuleles would be part of the regular classroom experience; not an extra-curricular activity.  Obviously when we created the budget for the current fiscal year, we did not include the purchase of approximately 30 ukuleles, special sheet music, and accessories.  We are looking at a total outlay of about four thousand dollars for a project that is intended to add fun to the regular study of the musical arts.  This is clearly not a project meriting the attention of the whole parish or requiring any kind of sacrificial gift from the parish as a whole.  Nevertheless, if you are a grandparent of a student in the school, or your kids are older but fondly remember the music program at Sacred Heart, consider a five or ten dollar donation to see how this works out.  PTS is supporting this financially but is unable to do it all.  I am simply seeking to allow grandparents and others to spend five or ten dollars so all the kids in the school can have fun while learning music.  Look for the flyer next week.

Reflection on Scripture

The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord ends the Christmas Season and constitutes the First Sunday in Ordinary Time.  One of the theological questions most frequently asked is, “Did Jesus need to be baptized to be freed from Original Sin?”   The answer is a resounding “No!”   Jesus Christ is the Son of God; the Second Person in the Most Holy Trinity!  The Son of God, who is God, cannot sin against God!  But Jesus decided to show humanity the way to eternal life.  Humanity forfeited perfection by sin.  Jesus restores the perfection of God’s grace in imperfect humans by the waters of baptism.  Jesus Christ is God.  God is life.  Sin is death.  When we are baptized, we shed the bonds of sin and death, and put on Christ.  By his death and resurrection, Christ has conquered death and paid the price for us so we might have the perfection of eternal life.  We are created by God, redeemed by God, and eternal life is restored by God as the Holy Spirit lives in us.  Thus life and redemption are the ultimate sign of God’s unfathomable love for us. 

Have you ever seen a father feeding his son some awful concoction of baby food?  He takes a bit of the bland concoction himself and registers feigned sheer delight on his face.  He suffers the taste to show the child how to eat.  In the same way, by his baptism in the Jordan, Jesus shows us how to live in him so we will never die. 

Next Weekend: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Is 62:1-5

1 Cor 12:4-11

Jn 2:1-11

Theme: Jesus salvages a “Dry” Wedding Reception