Jul 11, 2019

Business Manager Position at St. Ann

Applications and resumes for the above posted position will not be accepted after Monday, July 15.  Applications for the position are closed as of this date.     

Gymnasium/Bathroom Restoration Project being revised

The bathrooms in the school breezeway next to the gymnasium will be restored and made more ascetically pleasing in the near future, but almost certainly not this summer.  We were looking into the idea of “fast tracking” the project; but when bids were received the totals were three to four hundred percent higher than initially anticipated.  The bathrooms are fully functional at this time; they are simply old and it is hard to make them look nice.  I think we can come up with ways to change the cosmetics while avoiding costs in excess of two hundred thousand dollars to beautify already functional facilities. 

Cooperative Mission Appeal

This year’s cooperative Mission Appeal will take place at all precept Masses on the Weekend of August 3 & 4.  Missionary preachers will provide the homily at the precept Masses in both St. Ann and Sacred Heart.  We will offer a brief bio about each in next week’s bulletin.


Scammers have been harvesting names of pastors from parish websites and emailing parishioners acting like the pastor asking for gift cards or money.  THESE EMAILS ARE NOT FROM ME OR FROM ANY OTHER PASTOR!   Some emails portray me as being out of the country and needing money.  Others have me asking for a “favor” or a “blessing.”  These emails come from off-shore criminals simply trying to steal your money using my name.  Please do not ever fall for such a scam.  Be assured, I will never use an email, text, social media of any kind, or even the US Mail to ask you to give money to anyone other than directly to St. Ann Catholic Church.  If you receive such a request, be assured it is not me; it is a scam!

Reflection on Scripture

The parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the best known stories from the Bible.  But we often forget that a Samaritan was considered a social outcast in proper Jewish Society.  Samaritans had a lineage that was part Jewish and part Palestinian.   They claimed to be descendants of the lost ten tribes in the Fall of Northern Israel in 723 BC. 

In Jerusalem Jewish culture at the time of Jesus, being a good Jew was determined by bloodline and adherence to the six hundred and thirteen ritual commandments.  Jesus makes the hero of his story a Samaritan; denying that bloodline matters and contending that charitable behavior showed more adherence to God’s law than ritual precision. 

The Samaritan defines himself as the hero in the story by his selfless charity.  Jesus uses the story to proclaim quite clearly that God’s children are those who hear his call and put love for God into practice in kindness and compassion.  According to Jesus, blood lineage does not make you a child of God; your actions and compassion do!

Next Weekend: Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gn 18:1-10a

Col 1:24-28

Lk 10:38-42

Theme:  Can you be too busy to hear the Word of God