Jul 2, 2019

Vacation Bible School

Remember that Vacation Bible School will be in session from Monday, July 8 to Thursday, July 11.  Please be careful driving as there will be many children in the parking lot and coming and going on the adjacent streets. 

Position Opening at St. Ann

The position of “Business Manager” for St. Ann will be open at the beginning of August.  A job description for the position is available at the parish offices during business hours, and available at the parish website.  Resume should be directed by mail to Fr. Tharp; as the Search Committee is still being formed.  More information will be available as the process proceeds.


Scammers have been harvesting names of pastors from parish websites and emailing parishioners acting like the pastor asking for gift cards or money.  THESE EMAILS ARE NOT FROM ME OR FROM ANY OTHER PASTOR!   Some emails portray me as being out of the country and needing money.  Others have me asking for a “favor” or a “blessing.”  These emails come from off-shore criminals simply trying to steal your money using my name.  Please do not ever fall for such a scam.  Be assured, I will never use an email, text, social media of any kind, or even the US Mail to ask you to give money to anyone other than directly to St. Ann Catholic Church.  If you receive such a request, be assured it is not me; it is a scam!

Reflection on Scripture

Faith should make you happy.  No, I don’t mean giddy or laughing.  It is not always joyful to live in this world, and it is sometimes downright challenging.  There are plenty of things that make us sad.  Nevertheless, your faith should make you happy and secure. Someone in the 1960s once said, “Jesus comes to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”   This may be true, but the Jesus who reveals the Father to us wants us to receive the message in joy and reflect the message with appreciation.  When we say, “Stop sinning!” we are simply offering a formula that will result in everyone being happier.  When we say, “Don’t hate!” we are simply offering the advice we have heard from Jesus Christ as to how to live joy without regrets.  

But happiness is more than the simple result of good behavior.  Happiness is that fulfilled experience of accomplishment we receive when we have synchronized our will to God’s will.  I suspect Jesus felt this true fulfillment when he hung upon the cross and said, “It is finished.”  My father used to adjust the carbonator on a car and say, “See, I knew I could make the engine smile.”  If every component is working, the machine is functioning and fulfilling its purpose.  We will only know happiness when we are functioning and fulfilling our purpose.  The old Baltimore Catechism says, “God made me to know, love, and serve him; and be happy with him in Heaven.” 

Create happiness for yourself by living God’s way.    It’s the only way to happiness in this world filled with sadness and sin!   Wouldn’t it be great if God could look down on us from Heaven and say to the angels, “See, I told you I made them for happiness.”  Happiness is not out of reach, if we reach out for God. 

Next Weekend: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dt. 30:10-14

Col 1:15-20

Lk 10:25-37

Theme:  The Good Samaritan