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Celebrant for August 8 & 9 is Father Larry Tharp

posted Aug 4, 2015, 8:16 AM by Kathy Middendorf

Sacred Heart Festival


Festival is next weekend.  If you have not volunteered as yet and you are able, please do so.  If you can help with set-up Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, please help.  Please make sure to invite everyone you can to the festival.  And, pray for good weather.



A Letter from Archbishop Schnurr



Recently released videos in which officials of Planned Parenthood traffic in human organs, tissues, and body parts from their abortion clinics are chilling and appalling. They display a callous disrespect for human life. Staff from the Family and Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese took part in “Women Betrayed” rally at Planned Parenthood’s Cincinnati clinic on July 28 to protest this outrage.

However, we need to do more than raise our voices. I urge Catholics and all people of good will to write to their representatives in state and national government, asking them to stop the flow of your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has supported defunding for many years. Planned Parenthood received more than $1.3 million in state funds from Ohio and $500 million in federal funds in fiscal 2013-2014.

Please also support a pro-life pregnancy center that helps women in unintended pregnancies, providing many needed services. You can find a list of them at  http://www.catholiccincinnati.org/ministries-offices/family-life/respect-life/pregnancy-coalition-resource-page/ If you have had or participated in an abortion and suffer remorse, please know that the Church’s post-abortion healing ministry, Project Rachel, stands ready to offer compassionate assistance. Learn more about Project Rachel at www.projectrachelcincy.com.


Reflection on Scripture


Back in 1978, I bought a cheap electronic tester for my car.  The car had a component called a dual ballast resistor that had a habit of burning out at the most inconvenient times. I kept a spare one in my glove compartment, but needed a tester to be sure the ballast resistor was indeed the burned out component.  The tester required a nine volt battery.  Before I paid for the tester, I told the man at the counter that I also needed a nine volt battery for the tester.  He said, “Father, I am selling you a tester that works.  I already put a battery in it.  You are ready to go.”  He had given me everything I needed.


In today’s second reading we are told, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God.”   The Father has sent his Son to show us his love by dying on a cross, and the Holy Spirit has made us the Church.  If we participate in the Eucharist and the other sacraments, we already have all the power we need within us to face any challenge or tragedy.  We don’t like having to face the challenge or tragedy, but Jesus is telling us we already have all the graces we need to fulfill our baptismal destinies as “Alter Christos.”  We are ready.  God has given us every grace we require or need.


Next Sunday:  Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Proverbs 9:1-6

Eph 5:15-20

Jn 6:51-58


Theme:  Forsake foolishness!