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Celebrant for January 23 & 24 is Father Larry Tharp

posted Jan 19, 2016, 7:18 AM by Kathy Middendorf

Today is Commitment Sunday for CMA

You will recall that about six months ago, we completed the One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign at both St. Ann and Sacred Heart.  This was a unique one time campaign to begin and fund an Archdiocesan Educational Endowment.  Most of us made five year pledges so as to be in solidarity with the Archbishop in this long term herculean effort.  The CMA on the other hand is an ongoing effort to fund the annual budgets of our seminary, Catholic Charities, St. Rita School for the Deaf, New Evangelization initiative, retired diocesan priests (not supported by the retirement for religious taken up in December), and chaplains to secular hospitals, colleges and prisons.  Every Catholic has a charitable duty to support these ministries, but no one parish could ever do it alone.  Together however through the CMA we can all do our part. 

The most comforting aspect of the annual Catholic Ministries Appeal is that the audited financial statement of the Archdiocese shows where every dollar that is collected goes.  I am comforted that every dollar I give to CMA goes into ministries whose benefit I experience directly.  Please join me in continuing the history of St. Ann and Sacred Heart individually doing our part to be active and empowering parishes of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.


Statement of Donations for Tax Purposes

If you require a statement of donations through your parish envelope for Schedule A or another purpose, please contact the parish business office of your respective parish.  Remember that St. Ann and Sacred Heart have since becoming a Pastoral Region practiced reciprocity; namely that a St. Ann envelope placed in the collection at Sacred Heart is returned to St. Ann and similarly a Sacred Heart envelope placed in the collection at St. Ann is returned to Sacred Heart.  The finances of St. Ann and Sacred Heart are completely separate; so if you have envelopes for both, please realize that you must request a statement from both.  


Admissions to the Hospital

Please remember that the hospitals are not permitted under the Federal HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to tell me that you are in the hospital.  You or your loved one must call me in order for me to know.  This does not mean that I can visit everyone who is an inpatient at every hospital.  Some enter hospitals in Dayton or Cincinnati and if I have funerals or diocesan obligations, I may not be able to visit. If it is an emergency, I will come late at night.  Nevertheless, I go to local hospitals rather frequently and it is frustrating to learn that I visited a patient next door to another parishioner, but failed to stop in because I was unaware that they were there.  Please always feel free to leave a non-emergency message on my telephone (513) 858-4210 (ext: 3014) and I will do my best to visit.