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Celebrant for January 30 & 31 is Father Larry Tharp

posted Jan 26, 2016, 10:51 AM by Kathy Middendorf

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday (February 10), the beginning of Lent, is only ten days away.  I will remind all of the Lenten Practices of Fasting and Abstinence in next week’s bulletin.  



If you have filled out your pledge card and returned it, thank you.  If you are still considering, please remember that there is no gift too small and no gift is insignificant.  As of the printing of this bulletin, we do not have a count to report to you, but watch the bulletin and I will reveal how well we are doing each week.

Statement of Donations for Tax Purposes

If you require a statement of donations through your parish envelope for Schedule A or another purpose, and you have not yet received one, please contact the parish business office of your respective parish. 

Admissions to the Hospital

Please remember that the hospitals are not permitted under the Federal HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to tell me that you are in the hospital.  Please always feel free to leave a non-emergency message on my telephone (513) 858-4210 (ext: 3014) and I will do my best to visit if I can.


Reflection on Scripture


The people are complementary to Jesus as long as they can expect him to give them something.  But like the man who gives you the car but reminds you that you must buy the gasoline, Jesus tells them that they must be part of the equation.  Only when they put their faith in him can he fulfill what he wants to give to them.


Jesus wants us to be faith filled members of his Eucharistic body, but we cannot receive the gift until we invest our faith.  To this day, Jesus tells us, “Put your faith in me, and then let me give you more than your heart can imagine.”