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Celebrant for July 2 & 3 is Father Larry Tharp

posted Jun 28, 2016, 6:12 AM by Kathy Middendorf

Blue Mass


The annual Blue Mass for law enforcement and fire and emergency first responders will be held on July 3 “today” at 1:30 p.m. at Sacred Heart.  Please attend and help us honor those who run toward trouble to save our lives as well as remembering our local heroes who have passed. 


Masses for Monday, July 4


We will have the regular weekday Mass at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, July 4 and a 9:00 a.m. Mass at St. Ann.  The church doors will be locked at Sacred Heart during the day as there will be no staff available to provide security. 


Pastoral Region Festivals and Fiestas


The Pastoral Region of St. Ann / Sacred Heart invites you to support St. Ann’s Fiesta scheduled for July 29 and 30 in the parking lot of St. Ann; and the Sacred Heart Festival scheduled for August 12, 13 &14 held on the parish grounds.  Both parishes need successful festivals in order to sustain their respective schools and parish programs.  Please consider volunteering to help and perhaps buying raffle tickets from your parish and the other pastoral region parish. 


Don’t forget that even when the festival season is over, Sacred Heart (coordinating with St. Ann) will host a Ministry Fair at Sacred Heart’s fellowship hall on September 17 and 18; and St. Ann will also host its annual “Oktoberfest” on September 24. 


Reflection on Scripture


Simplify!  Jesus sends the seventy-two disciples out to the towns and villages to preach the good news, but he tells them they don’t need to be outfitted for the journey.  He tells them they don’t need a walking stick or traveling bag.  They don’t need traveler’s checks or credit cards.  They are itinerant preachers. 


In today’s society, the stores tell you that you must be properly outfitted for fishing, tennis, hiking, etc.  Success depends on your having the newest and best accessories; preferably with expensive brand names.  Jesus tells us we don’t need all that “stuff.”  If you are armed with genuine faith and supported by hope in Jesus Christ, you are completely outfitted to proclaim Jesus to the world.  You don’t need to be “in fashion” to live in “style” as long as you style yourself and your daily charity after Jesus Christ.