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Celebrant for May 21 & 22 is Father Larry Tharp

posted May 19, 2016, 7:36 AM by Kathy Middendorf

Report Parishioners in Local Hospitals -Please remember to call (513) 858-4210 extension 3014 to report a parishioner of Sacred Heart or St. Ann in the hospital.  Telling me at the back of church will not enable me to remember.  Please leave a voice mail for me (on my line not the secretarial lines as I have no access to these, ONLY MINE on weekends) spelling for me the person’s name as well as the name of the hospital in which the parishioner is a patient.  Sometimes four or five parishioners will tell me something at the back of church, and afterwards when I am at my desk, the memory is lost.  Please help me by leaving the voice mail message on my line.


REP Closing Mass- The REP closing Mass for the year is Monday, May 23.  Special thanks for Bryan Miller, Marianne Fleckenstein, and all the teachers and volunteers for another great year.


Sacred Heart Graduation- Graduation for the Day School is Thursday, May 26 and the last day of school is Friday, May 27.  Please watch for children in the parking lot and on the sidewalks where cars enter.  Summer safety is just as important as School safety.


Reflection on Scripture


The Most Holy Trinity is a mystery.  One God in Three Divine Persons defies the boundaries of human intellect.  We ask “How can this be?”  But if Jesus has revealed to us that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (and he has) then we can either remain mired in incredulity; or we can rejoice in the mystery.   

An old friend of mine from Dayton has a PhD in Music.  He is spectacular on the pipe organ.  When he sits down to play, he becomes entranced by the music.  His head moves, both hands and arms, both feet play the pedals, and his entire torso contorts into something only reminiscent of the human form.  If the church caught on fire during the performance, he would not have a clue.  He is consumed in the music and the moment.  When I first saw this, I could not understand what it all meant.  As time went on, I realized that he was immersing himself in the lines of music.  I could not understand or comprehend it, but I thanked him for letting me witness it and share in the mystery. We see the magnificence of God’s creation, the enormity of his salvation in Christ, and the infinity of the Holy Spirit and we admit it to be beyond our weak mind’s capacity.  At best we can use analogy to attempt to show similarity.  We can however rejoice in the mystery we cannot understand.


Readings for the Feast of Corpus Christi


Gn 14:18-20

1 Cor 11:23-26

Luke 2:11b-17


Theme:  The Mystical Body of Christ