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Celebrant for October 15 is Father Tharp and for October 16 is Father Adam Puntel

posted Oct 11, 2016, 6:05 AM by Kathy Middendorf

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship


The Roman Catholic Church in general and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (of which Sacred Heart and St. Ann are parishes) in particular may not endorse or favor any candidate for public office in any election.  Such action is prohibited in the Federal IRS Code Section 501 (c) (3).  The Catholic Bishops do have a teaching to offer on properly forming one’s conscience.   It is called “The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.”  The easiest way to get to this is to type the aforementioned document name into any search engine.  If this fails, the website is: http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/faithful-citizenship/forming-consciences-for-faithful-citizenship-title.cfm.  


Archbishop Schnurr has also supplied (copies inserted in this bulletin) materials from the Catholic Conference of Ohio.  These also deal with properly forming one’s conscience.  They are entitled: “On Making Moral Choices in Voting” and “Reflections on Choosing Political Candidates.”  I find these documents morally thought provoking and encourage you to prayerfully consider the advice of our bishops on forming conscience. 


Rectory Landscaping


I wish to offer special thanks to parishioner Chad Oberson and his company for the wonderful landscaping he and his people did at the parish rectory (aka Priest’s House).  I turned in the driveway the first I saw it, and thought, “Oh no, I have turned into some rich person’s house.”  Thanks for your work and the new trees.  You made the house look a lot better than the current priest who lives in it. 


World Mission Sunday


This coming Sunday is designated World Mission Sunday.  The theme of the Mass will focus on the missionary activity of the Church.  There will be a second collection after communion to support the Mission Office of the Archdiocese and its association with the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.  Both Sacred Heart and St. Ann have a long tradition of being generous in this important collection.  All proceeds are sent directly to the Archdiocese.


Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed


Both Sacred Heart and St. Ann acknowledge those who have passed during the year around All Souls Day (November 2), but each does it a bit differently.  Sacred Heart will celebrate a Mass of Memorial on November 6 at 1:30 p.m. for all whose funeral has taken place at Sacred Heart during the past year.  St. Ann will read the names of the deceased at the regular Sunday Masses on November 12 & 13.  We as parishes celebrate the entrance of our loved ones into Heaven, but as humans left behind both parishes remember and pray for our departed loved ones. 


Sacred Heart…a “Heads-Up”


Because I know some St. Ann’s people periodically attend Sacred Heart and vice versa, I am putting the following announcement in both bulletins:

Some components of the Fairfield High School Homecoming Parade will gather on the parking lot of Sacred Heart on Friday, October 21 at 4:30 and will be on their way by 6:00 p.m.  Gaining access to the building and parking lot will be virtually impossible during these hours.  Please organize your schedules accordingly.


Reflection on Scripture


When we open ourselves in prayer, as followers of Jesus Christ the Son of God, we open the door to the Holy Spirit.  The power of the Holy Spirit is omnipotent beyond words.  We open every prayer naming our God revealed to us in Jesus Christ as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  If you had the time (and don’t get me started) I could regale you with personal experiences I have been a part of when the Holy Spirit reached into a situation and brought about a result no human would ever speculate could or would happen.  I tell people all the time, “Don’t call upon the Holy Spirit in prayer unless you are prepared to be amazed like a deer in the headlights.” 


Who could have predicted that the prayer to the Holy Spirit for wisdom made by the Cardinals in conclave on October 16, 1978 would have brought about the election of Karol Wojtyla as Pope.   Empowered by the Holy Spirit, this unlikely Cardinal Archbishop of Krakow played a significant role in the elimination of Communist Control of the Eastern Bloc Countries generally known as the Warsaw Pact.  When you see the power of the Holy Spirit working, like a huge wave moving toward the beach, I advise you, don’t stand in the way.  Conform your heart to God, jump on your surf board (I am speaking figuratively now) and let yourself be moved by the power.  You are in for the ride of your life.


A few weeks ago, I preached on the difference between “luck” and a “blessing,” and suggested that the difference is prayer.  Take a deep breath, steady yourself, and pray to the Holy Spirit; yes I mean empty yourself to nothing and let the Holy Spirit fill you.  Then prepare to be amazed.


Readings for the Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

World Mission Sunday


Sir 35:12-14, 16-18

2 Tim 4:6-8, 16-18

Luke 18:9-14


Theme:  Humility is like emptiness.  You have to live it if you want to be filled.