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Celebrant for September 5 & 6 is Father Larry Tharp

posted Sep 1, 2015, 10:29 AM by Kathy Middendorf


Mission Cooperative Appeal Sunday

 St. Ann and Sacred Heart (both parishes at the same weekend) will host guest homilists from the Divine Word Missionaries at all precept Masses at both churches next weekend.  The Cooperative Mission Appeal is a program of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati allowing for one weekend a year in every parish to be devoted specifically to some aspect of the Church’s missionary activity, described by someone who has been in the missions and can tell his/her story.  A deacon and a priest from the Divine Word Missionaries are assigned to preach at St. Ann and Sacred Heart the weekend of September 12 and 13.  At this point, I am not sure which church will receive the priest, or which will receive the deacon.  A second collection to be sent to the Archdiocese will be taken up to support the missionary work of the Divine Word Missionaries and all missions in the cooperative effort.


Infant Pre Baptism Program for New Parents

The infant pre-baptism class will take place on September 14 at 8:00 p.m. in the basement of Sacred Heart Church. (RH-2 & 3)  If this is your first child or if not, but you have never attended a pre-baptism class at another church, I ask that at least one of the parents attend this class.  No need to pre-register and feel free to bring godparents, or the baby, if you wish. 


Reflection on Scripture


“How do you make sense of anything anymore?”  I suspect you have heard someone my age or older say these or similar words in the past six months.   With high court decisions that deny the right to life, the sanctity of marriage, religious freedom, and even seemingly allow for agencies receiving federal funds to sell body parts of aborted human beings; one easily wonders:  How do I form my conscience amid such conflicting ideas?  Is Christianity relevant in the forming of contemporary sociological conscience?  Are all traditional ethics out the window?  Are right and wrong subject to modification based on personal convenience?   Where can I find a consistent ethical foundation upon which to form my conscience?


Isaiah says in today’s first reading to those who are frightened or confused, trust that the Lord will come and make all things right.  In the gospel selection, Jesus comes upon the deaf person who has difficulty speaking and cures him.  Suddenly the confusion of the senses becomes the sound of clarity.  In the second reading St. James points out that wealth is not measured in gold or silver, but by strength of faith.  And that’s the point of all three readings this Sunday.  Should we pray for our world to find again the foundation of all ethics in Jesus Christ?  Yes.  Absolutely!  Should we worry or fret?  Not a bit!   The Holy Spirit of God guides the Catholic Church.  We may endure persecution, but we know who wins in the end.  And as long as we are decidedly loyal to the Holy Spirit, we know we are on the side of the winner.  Don’t try to play the odds.   Scripture tells us who the winner will be.    Never doubt the Holy Spirit!