Music Ministry

From the Music Ministry 
“The one who sings, prays twice” (St. Augustine) 
Please come and be a part of our expanding Music Ministry! Maybe you have considered being a cantor or singing in our choir. Maybe you were once a cantor or member of the choir and would like to join again. Maybe you have 
been told by others that you have a great voice or you play an instrument well.  Whether you sing or play an instrument, I would like to hear from you! If you don't read music very well, don't worry. I will work with you and I can guarantee that you will learn to read music more and more with each passing week. Please contact Melody Wallace, music director at (513)237-3978 or email me at for further information or to tell of your interest. I look forward to hearing from you. 
NEW Saturday Mass Music Ensemble 
Bi-weekly 4:30 pm Saturday Mass Music Ensemble. Rehearsal time 2:30/3 – 4:15 pm 
on Saturday’s when the group leads music. We will start in September. 

This exciting new music ensemble will lead music with a mix of instruments and voices and song and music choices. The idea is to open this ensemble up to singers, guitarists, instrumentalists of any age who enjoy leading music and singing some harmony at masses. The idea is to invite anyone who would like to participate in the 
music ministry into a new ensemble that doesn't have as much rehearsal time as the choir and can include more ages and instrumentalists. I have had many people approach me with interest in a group such as this. Families would be welcome. 

Sunday 8:30 am Mass Children’s and Teen Choir 
Weekly 8:30 am Sunday Mass -6:15 Thursday Rehearsal time (starting after Labor 

The Children’s and Teen Choir ranges in age from 7 through 18 years old. This is a wonderful opportunity for the young singer to become an active part in church music while learning about their role in the Music Ministry. The Children’s Choir also sings for other Liturgies and special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. 

Sunday 10 am Mass Adult Choir 
Weekly 10 am Sunday Mass – 7 pm Thursday Rehearsal time (starting after Labor 

The Sunday 10 am Mass Adult Choir’s repertoire ranges from four part sacred classical works to contemporary favorites and ages range from 12 – mature. We welcome more people to join us. I realize it looks crowded in our little area but there is room for more people. Those who participate have the opportunity to develop and 
hone their skills that are necessary to grow in this ministry. This choir is an integral part of the Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter Liturgies. Our flutist will be going to college in September. If you love to play your instrument, are an independent learner and would like to join us, please let me know. 
Parishioners who play musical instruments are encouraged to share their music abilities during Mass. Teens and adults who play proficiently and would like to inquire about the possibility of playing for Sacred Heart Music Ministry please contact Melody at (513) 237-3978.