Virtus requirements


Virtus® class is free of charge 
Facilitator & Presenters are Fr. Larry Tharp, Pastor; Marianne Fleckenstein, LSEC & Bryan Miller, DRE

 NEXT CLASS: August 19th from 6pm-10pm in FELLOWSHIP HALL

VIRTUS® - Protecting God's Children for Adults Workshop

Required for all volunteers in the parish working with children.

The VIRTUS® Protecting God’s Children® for adult’s session is the first of a continuing program adopted by the archdiocese to expand our knowledge on how to better protect our children. 

The workshop is available at Sacred Heart every other month on a Sunday from 6-10 PM in Fellowship Hall. Registration is limited to 50 people . Refreshments are served. Check the parish calendar for specific dates.

All volunteers must contact our Local Safe Environment Coordinator BEFORE registering online at to avoid paying the background check fee out of your own pocket.  Make an appointment by calling Marianne Fleckenstein, LSEC at 513-858-4213 or email her at Once you have your Fastrax Token code from Marianne, you may register online without charge

All volunteers previously approved under the old CPO system EXPIRED June 30, 2014.   You are no longer approved and no longer permitted to work with our children until and unless you attend a Virtus® session and have a background check..

As a reminder to coaches: two approved (non-related) volunteers must be present at all team activities including practices, team meetings, film sessions, banquets, etc.  There is to be one adult of the same gender for every 10 girls and/or boys. The volunteers do not necessarily have to be coaches but should be observing or participating in the team activity.  If only one approved volunteer is present then the activity should be cancelled.

Please call or email Marianne Fleckenstein, LSEC with any questions or concerns.