Oct 1, 2019

Fr. Tharp / Fr. Schmitz Sunday Rotation 

Recently Fr. Tharp did two Sunday’s in a row at Sacred Heart in order to accommodate previously scheduled events.  On October 6, Fr. Tharp will have Sunday Morning Masses at St. Ann and then again on October 13, Fr. Tharp will have Masses at St. Ann for the commitment ceremonies for Confirmation.  Fr. Tharp will have Sunday morning Masses at Sacred Heart on October 20.  Fr. Schmitz will be at Sacred Heart on October 6 and 13.

If you take Communion to Sick and Shut-in

As you have probably noticed, at the end of Mass when those taking communion to the sick or shut-ins come forward to receive their host, I walk down the steps with the silver tray and the Eucharistic Ministers walk forward and receive their pix.  It is my understanding that when Fr. Schmitz is celebrant (when I am at St. Ann) that some Eucharistic Ministers come up the steps to receive their pix.  From now on, when those taking communion to the sick and shut-ins come forward, Fr. Schmitz will ask one of the servers to carry the silver tray down the steps to the flat level of the nave so that no Eucharistic Minister, other than those coming to surround the altar for the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass, will ever have to ascend or descend the sanctuary steps. 

Any Eucharistic minister to sick and shut-ins who has difficulty with steps should bring their empty pix to the sacristy before Mass, place the number of hosts needed and then the server, lector, or whoever might be in the sacristy beforehand will run your pix up to the silver tray on the altar for you.   In other words, if you are taking communion to the sick, there is no need to climb the steps in the sanctuary before Mass or at the commissioning time after communion. 

October Count

Throughout the Archdiocese of Cincinnati every parish will count Mass attendance and report for the month to the Archdiocese.  This count is then used by the Archdiocese for future planning. 

Youth Ministry Initiative

Volunteers from St. Ann and Sacred Heart are seeking to restart a Youth Ministry directed to junior high students, but also inclusive of high school age youth.  The program will consist of recreational activities, worship activities, and faith formation.  The program has been approved by the parish councils of both St. Ann and Sacred Heart and will conform to all Virtus requirements.  See the bulletin for further information.

Job posting: One Employment position open at Sacred Heart

There are three full-time (forty hour per week) janitor/maintenance employment positions at Sacred Heart, supervised by our Maintenance Supervisor; and one of these three janitorial positions has recently come open.   We plan on hiring one person who is physically capable of significant physical cleaning, strenuous snow removal, and general janitorial and maintenance work on the 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. shift.  Please see the job description listed elsewhere in this bulletin or on the Sacred Heart parish website.  I am including this notice in St. Ann Bulletin as well as I want to include the entire pastoral region in the notice.

Parishioners in Hospital

Please remember that hospitals are NOT permitted under HIPAA to give any patient information to churches.  I will only know a person is in the hospital if the patient or the patient’s designee calls me.  Scheduled Masses and programs I must conduct often make it difficult for me to come immediately, but I will try to respond to any emergency anointing requests even if it means coming late at night.  This can be even more difficult if the hospital or facility is more than twenty miles away.  Therefore, please call me as soon as you recognize the need.  Please do not wait until the last minute to call me.

Reflection on Scripture for Respect Life Sunday

We have heard it said that in our world today, “Perception is reality.”  The scriptures chosen by the Church for this twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time inform us that for followers of Christ, “Faith determines reality.”  Our perceptions are formed by an amalgamation of empirical data acquired through our senses, organized and understood through the prism of our pre-conceived notions.  Faith in contrast is the gift of being able to see through the eyes of God. 

As we celebrate this Sunday designated as “Respect Life Sunday,” we challenge the secular world to put on the glasses of faith and see the reflection of God in all human life. 

Next Weekend: Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

2 Kgs 5:14-17

2 Tm 2:8-13

Luke 17:11-19 

Theme:  The ten lepers.