VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  NO Priests Available  September 27, 28, or 29!  

EVERY active priest in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is REQUIRED by the Archbishop to attend a Convocation of Priests in Wheeling West Virginia beginning Monday afternoon, September 26 and concluding the afternoon of Thursday, September 29.  So far, the attempt to find “non-diocesan Religious Order Priests” to cover daily Masses at St. Ann or Sacred Heart has been unproductive.  We will have communion services led by a lay presider at the regular 6:30 a.m. St. Ann usual time, and similarly at the regular 7:30 a.m. time at Sacred Heart for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  There will be NO FUNERAL MASSES on Tuesday, September 27, Wednesday, September 28, or Thursday September 29.  I have no control over this.  I am obligated under my promise of obedience to attend this important meeting.

RCIA Schedule 2022-23

Invitation letter to the RCIA candidates, with schedules on the other side are available at the doors of church.  Please take one to anyone you feel might be interested in learning about the Catholic Church.

Beacons of Light

Phase One of Beacons of Light has begun.  During this phase, parish advisory boards such as parish councils, education commissions, worship commissions, parish finance councils, etc. will engage in a process of refining themselves into committees and commissions representing the entire Family.  This will require the hiring or promotion from within of a new Director of Evangelization.  Similar key (Core Team) positions will include Director of Stewardship, Director of Worship, Director of Physical Assets. 

Parish Council at both St. Ann and Sacred Heart have authorized a job posting for the position of Director of Evangelization.  I expect to post a full list of the credentials necessary for the job by the beginning of October.  I intend to specify the requirement of a Master Degree in Theology (or the equivalent thereof) as well as some studies in Canon Law and Education.  The job description to be posted will specify these and other requirements.

Eucharistic Display created by Blessed Carlo Acutis

The Women of Faith group is sponsoring Eucharistic Miracle posters created by Blessed Carlo Acutis, who died of Leukemia at age 15, but had created a website displaying these accumulated Eucharistic miracles from throughout the world.  There is little doubt that when canonized, he will almost certainly become the patron of the internet and social media.  Remember that the three stages or “cause of sainthood”  to having one’s name placed on the “list” or “canon” of Saints in Rome starts with the title “Venerable, “ moves to the title “Blessed, ” and then after miraculous interventions is verified by the Holy See, the pope may name the person to the “list” or “canon” of titled “Saint.” 

To encourage especially the young to take note of these posters, the Women together have created a raffle for those who take note of each poster throughout the next year. 

Re-introduction of Precious Blood at Communion

We are continuing to re-introduce communion under both species at as many Masses as possible.  However, for the time being, we have only enough distributors for two cups at the 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon Masses at Sacred Heart, and for the time being the 11:00 a.m. Mass at St. Ann.  Again, we can only do this to the degree we have enough Eucharistic ministers willing to do cups. 


I keep running this article because there are new scams everyday

Remember I NEVER solicit funds, donations, favors, or any request of any kind over the telephone, text, email, carrier pigeon, drone, etc.   NEVER!  Do not allow yourself to be taken in by scammers.  Even if they have my recorded voice, be assured it is computer generated fake!  It is not me!!!  

Reminder for volunteers who work with or around children

Please be aware that failure to register with and complete the requirements of Safe Parish will result in your inability to continue to work with or around children in any parish and/or school setting.  We have been informed by the Archdiocese that there can be NO EXCEPTIONS.

Live Streaming for Precept Masses

Please remember to access the Sacred Heart / St. Ann Pastoral Region You Tube site by clicking on the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLLqbEY5hKWinwz069MVcg

Reflection on Scripture:

The parable of Lazarus and Dives is the second most popular parable (in my opinion) of the scriptural teaching stories known as the “social gospel.”  The most popular or at least well-known (again in my opinion) is Matthew 25:31-46:  “The Judgment of the Nations.”  Today’s gospel and in fact all those arbitrarily called the “social gospel” share the same message: If God made each of us in his image and likeness and some have it better than others; the rest of us should care!   We may not be able to make it better, but we should by our common humanity at least notice the injustice and care.  And if we care, we should take whatever corrective action we can.  When St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta left the convent and went to Calcutta, India; she had neither the medical skills and materials nor the political or economic authority to make a significant “dent” in the enormity of the illness, disease, and abject poverty afflicting the poor.  Her faith in God challenged her to care; and she showed it by bathing and dressing the wounds of the abject poor so they would not die alone without some comfort or without knowing someone valued them and cared.  She had no sides in militaristic or political disputes.  Her demonstration was neither public nor confrontational.  She simply personified God’s love in her life and living. 

In the parable of Lazarus and Dives, (Dives means “the rich” man), Dives did not care about Lazarus.  If he had treated him with the minimal courtesy with which he would have afforded a stray dog, it would have shown at least some minimal compassion.  But (in the story) ignoring compassion entirely earned him a place in hell.  His fleeting concern for his family reveals that if one has hardened his (or her) heart, then even someone “rising from the dead” will spark no compassion in them.  In other words: harden your heart, abandon compassion, choose to not care at all; and you are not thrown into hell; you choose it yourself with eyes wide open.  And the “hell” is not the result of the fact that you did nothing.  The self-imposed “hell” is that you did not even care.

NEXT WEEK  Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Heb 1:2-3, 2:2-4

2 Tm 1:6-8, 13-14

Lk 17:5-10

Theme:  Humility