Please  Read  Before  Registering:

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, the first half of the REP year, September – December 2020, will consist of an “All At Home” program, with no in-class sessions. In November we will reassess whether or not in-class sessions will resume in January 2021.

What will this look like?

  • Classes will begin the week of August 31st with the first chapter review due September 6th. 
  • Parents will fill out the Registration Form (PDF) located below and email to [email protected], or mail / drop off to Sacred Heart Church.
  • Each student will purchase either a physical textbook or an E-book textbook. You will indicate this on the Registration Form for each student. If you choose a physical textbook, pickup arrangements will be made.
  • Each student will complete a Chapter Review each week (whether using a physical or E-book textbook). This will serve as weekly attendance and progress report.
  • As a website portal, we will use for E-books (if purchased).
  • After you register your student(s), we will email instructions about accessing the website.
  • Tuition payment can be made online at You may also mail (Attn: Marianne) a check payable to “Sacred Heart Church” – Memo line: “REP Tuition”.

2020-2021 REP Registration Form

Fee Waiver Adjustment Form


The Pastoral Region Religious Education Program (REP), grades 1-8, promotes spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through ongoing faith formation and religious instruction of our students who attend public schools. This program fosters growth in maturity and knowledge of the Catholic faith through use of a comprehensive curriculum, which incorporates Sacred Scripture, Catholic Doctrine, prayer, celebration, service, and witness.

Admission Policy

There is no discrimination in admission eligibility on the basis of race, sex, national origin, or disability.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are due at the time of registration. The fees apply to all children enrolled in the Pastoral Region REP Program.

Parishioners for whom the fee presents a financial difficulty are invited to fill out the Fee Waiver Form above. No child will be prevented from attending a program due to financial hardship.

Catechetical Staff

Our staff is made up of volunteer catechists and aides from both parishes. An aide is assigned to each classroom to assist the catechist.

ALL volunteers and staff go through a background check and educational process on how to protect the children.