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Sacred Heart Church at 400 Nilles Road, Fairfield, OH 45014 US - Home

Parish Contact Information

400 Nilles Road                   
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Ph: 513-858-4210
Fax: 513-858-4211
Office Open: 
8:00am- 4:30pm Monday -Friday


Reverend Larry R. Tharp  * Phone: 858-4210 ext. 3014
Email Father Tharp

Weekend Assistant Pastor
Reverend Tom Snodgrass * Phone: 421-3131, ext. 2844.
Email Father Snodgrass

Parish Secretary:
Kathy Middendorf * Phone: 858-4210 ext. 3010
Email Kathy Middendorf

Finance Officer:
Marcia Hogan * Phone: 858-4210 ext. 3015
Email Marcia Hogan

Faith Formation Office
Director of Religious Education:

Bryan Miller * Phone: 858-4213 ext. 3025
Email Bryan Miller

Faith Formation Secretary &
Local Safe Environment Coordinator:
Marianne Fleckenstein * Phone: 858-4213 ext. 3023
Email Marianne Fleckenstein

Youth Ministry Leader:
Nancy Brunner * Phone: 858-4210 ext. 3028
Email Nancy Brunner

Director of Music:
Melody Wallace * Phone: 858-4210
Email Mellody Wallace

Plant Manager:
Doug Webb* Phone 858-4210 ext. 3022
Email Doug Webb

Bill Dirr* Phone 858-4210 ext. 3022
Email Bill Dirr 


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