ALL PARISH VOLUNTEERS: NEW CHILD PROTECTION PLATFORM –  The Archdiocese has now switched over from Virtus to SafeParish™ a program of the McCalmon Group, as our Child Protection Program.

(The McCalmon Group, Inc. is an organization that improves workplaces by reducing risk and wrongdoing, including building child safe environments within organizations that serve or work with children.)


WELCOME TO SAFEPARISH - All volunteers and employees in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with an active child protection account should have received an email from SafeParish™ inviting them to register for their new SafeParish™ account. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam or junk mail folders. You can also find a copy of the SafeParish™ registration instructions by going to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Safe Environment Office webpage at https://catholicaoc.org/offices/safe-environment. Click on “Top Resources” then click on the link for “SafeParish™”.


For new school or parish volunteers – Please contact Marianne Fleckenstein, Save Environment Coordinator, in the Faith Formation Office (858-4213 or [email protected]) for instructions on how to qualify to be a volunteer.