Signage on property

Policy: Posting of Signs on Sacred Heart Parish property. 

Purpose: To define acceptable organizations/events that may post signs on parish 



No sign may be posted on Sacred Heart Parish property without expressed consent of the pastor. 

With this in mind, the following are typically acceptable: 


  1. Signs advertising a Sacred Heart Parish event. 
  2. Signs advertising the open house of a Catholic high school - These signs may be posted no more than two weekends prior to the event. Signs must be taken down the day after the event. 
  3. Signs advertising the festival of another parish - Signs advertising a parish festival may be posted, for up to one month prior to the event, provided that: 
    1. the requesting parish permits Sacred Heart to advertise our festival on their property for the same length of time
    2. there is no conflict or direct competition with the Sacred Heart. 
  4. Signs advertising Fish or Steak Fries, Craft Shows or other similar events hosted by neighboring parishes - These signs may be posted no more than two weekends prior to the event. Signs must be taken down the day after the event.  

Signs may only be posted in the yard area near the corner of River Road and Nilles Road, the 

vicinity of the River Road entrance, or the eastern entrance from Nilles Road. 


Unacceptable signs include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Signs advertising schools that are in direct competition for students that could attend Sacred Heart’s day school (1st through 8th graders). 
  2. Signs advertising any fundraising event that conflicts with a fundraising event being held at Sacred Heart parish. 
  3. Any sign endorsing or advertising a political candidate. 
  4. Any other sign that does not have the expressed consent of the Sacred Heart parish pastor. 

All posted signs must be located such that it does not create traffic or safety hazards. Any sign 

that creates such hazards, or is in violation of this policy, will be removed. 


December 1, 2009