6/20 A Message from Fr. Tharp

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Ann Parishioners and friends:


Both St. Ann and Sacred Heart Festivals Cancelled


Two weeks ago, after consultation with the chairpersons who oversee the St. Ann Festival, the determination was made to cancel the St. Ann Festival scheduled for late July 2020. 


This week, after consultation with the chair people in charge of the Festival at Sacred Heart, the determination was made to cancel the Sacred Heart Festival scheduled for early August 2020. 


Although both parishes have cancelled their respective 2020 summer festivals, both parishes are asking their respective parishioners to sell the Major Raffle Tickets for the raffle at each parish.  If you are from St. Ann, please sell St. Ann Raffle tickets to all your friends and associates.  If you are from Sacred Heart, please sell Sacred Heart Raffle tickets to all your friends and associates.  Give everyone you know an opportunity to acquire vast wealth by selling them a raffle ticket for your parish Major Raffle.   


Public Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart and St. Ann on Father’s Day


Masses will be celebrated with congregations on the regular schedule at Sacred Heart and St. Ann.  (I am at St. Ann on Sunday.  Fr. Schmitz is at Sacred Heart for the three Sunday morning Masses.)  We will live-stream the 4:00 p.m. Saturday Mass at Sacred Heart and it will be available in the archives on our Youtube website thereafter by highlighting and clicking on the following address: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVLLqbEY5hKWinwz069MVcg  or by accessing the live stream Mass on either of our parish websites.  


Continuing dispensation from Precept Obligation


Remember that NO CATHOLIC is obligated by Church Law or moral obligation to attend Sunday Mass due to the suspension of the precept by the Bishops of Ohio for the present time.    


Also remember to Bring your MASK with you to MASS!   Music song sheets with music for this Sunday only will be available at the doors.   Most everyone both at St. Ann and Sacred Heart has been doing a good job regarding social distancing.   Please continue to socially distance, even when leaving church at the end of Mass. 


REMEMBER: Even those standing must wear a mask or nose/mouth covering!


Sacred Heart:  Limited times Church doors will be open


We have experienced yet another event during which an intruder has acted with disrespect for our sanctuary.  He is the most recent in a string of people who believe they can stage their personal entertainment to be posted (I assume) on social media using our church sanctuary as their stage or background.  Even though we have most captured on surveillance video, the trend must end.  Church doors may be locked earlier during the summer when we do not have as many present to guard against such intrusions. 


St. Ann Parish Office soon in the old rectory


Because of the ongoing fundraising for the move to the new parish offices and because of some extraordinary special gifts, St. Ann should be moving into its new parish office building (aka the old rectory) during July.  As soon as the COVID restrictions are lifted, we will offer walk through experiences for parishioners after Masses. The new parish offices have been upgraded so staff will enjoy heat in the winter and cooling in the summer (not usually the case in the old convent.)   For the time being however, please know that progress is being made.


At St. Ann we are almost complete in the installation of internet service and equipment allowing us to live stream Masses from St. Ann. (To date we have only been able to record and post for St. Ann.)   The plan is to live stream from both St. Ann and Sacred Heart every week for the long term future.  We have received many letters from people (some far from Ohio) who remember Sacred Heart and St. Ann, and are thrilled to be able to attend Mass in their old parish via the internet. 


Your pastor in the Lord Jesus


Fr. Larry Tharp