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First Reconciliation and First Communion Registration Form 2023-2024

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 Sacramental Policy

Students intending to receive First Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation at Sacred Heart Church must be enrolled and participate in education classes in Sacred Heart School, the parish Religious Education Program, or RCIA. Students must be enrolled from the beginning of the school year and must complete all diocesan and parish requirements to receive that sacrament. Candidates and their families must be attending Sunday Mass regularly at Sacred Heart and be actively involved in parish life. Candidates for the sacraments must be baptized and fulfill all requirements of the Code of Canon Law. Students transferring from another parish and entering Sacred Heart School or the Parish Religious Education Program for the first time during a sacramental preparation year will be required to show evidence of participation in a religious education program in their former parish and a basic understanding of Catholic belief and practice before being accepted for candidacy for the sacraments.  Should they fail to show appropriate evidence of knowledge and practice of the faith, prospective candidates will be expected to participate in special classes or individual tutoring as determined by the Director of Religious Education.

  • No child may be placed in a sacramental preparation class who has not completed the prior year of religious education.
  • Any candidate for a sacrament who fails to enroll and participate in education classes the year prior to receiving the sacrament will be required to make up the missed class work and, if necessary, to postpone reception of the sacrament until preparation is completed.
  • The purpose of this policy is to stress the important relationship between living faith, Church affiliation and the sacraments and to affirm our responsibility to receive the Sacraments of the Church worthily.

For more information, please the Office of Evangelization, 513-858-4213.