Usage of Facility

Policy: Usage of Parish Facilities 


PurposeTo describe acceptable uses of Parish facilities and means of gaining 

permission to use facilities. 


Groups under direct control of the Parish 

Groups and organizations that exist under the direct control of the parish, with the pastor’s permission, may be permitted to use parish facilities for purposes in keeping with their stated function and in a matter that will not conflict with the purposes of the parish. Usage requests will take into consideration such matters as clean-up costs, wear and tear on the structure, utility usage, security, etc. 


Parishioner usage may occur as a result of the continuation of a celebration that originated with Mass or other liturgical ceremony in the church. Our facilities do not lend themselves to private (after baptism) parties or wedding receptions. Small gatherings for discussion or fellowship may be considered as permitted by availability. Parishioners will be required to sign a “hold harmless and indemnification agreement” as a pre-condition of usage. 


Other Parishes or Institutions owned an operated under the direct control of the Archbishop with the permission of the pastor may use the facilities of Sacred Heart respecting the same concerns as noted under the aforementioned heading. Catholic Organizations and Groups that exist as separate incorporated entities under Ohio Law with the permission of the pastor may be permitted to use the facilities of Sacred Heart if they have met the two following criteria: 

  1. A certificate of insurance verifying a “policy endorsement” naming the Archbishop, the Archdiocese, and Sacred Heart Congregation as “additional insured” on a primary basis- not just “certificate holder.” Such policy must be written on an “occurrence” not a “claims made” basis with limits of at least one million dollars each occurrence, and two million dollars aggregate. 
  2. Usage of the facility will be in keeping with the purposes of the Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Parish, and will not conflict with the tax-exempt status of Sacred Heart Church. 

Non Affiliated Community Groups that are not associated with the Catholic Church are 

generally not permitted to use parish facilities. Insurance, security, and control issues 

tend to become problematic. The pastor will handle requests from such organization on 

an “ad hoc” basis. 

Alcoholic Beverages 

All sales, distribution, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of Sacred 

Heart Parish are strictly prohibited. The pastor may make exceptions, if an F-Permit has 

been secured allowing for the legal sale of beer, and if a variety of other insurance and 

security safeguards have been put in place. 


Smoking is not permitted within the confines of any building at Sacred Heart 


February 23, 2009