Use of Narthex

Policy: Use of the Church Narthex 


Purpose: To describe acceptable uses of the Church narthex before and after Masses and 

means or gaining permission for narthex usage. 


Number of Events/Placement of tables 

In order to alleviate congestion in the narthex, no more than 3 events may be scheduled in the narthex of the Church at any given time. Placing a table in the center of the narthex is not allowed. Tables should be placed so that they do not obstruct exit doors. 


Parish Sponsored/Chartered Organizations 

Parish sponsored/chartered organizations may use the narthex with the approval of the pastor before and after Mass and must be scheduled at least four (4) weeks in advance of the event with the Parish secretary in the Church Office. 


Organizations not sponsored or chartered by Sacred Heart Church 

Requests for the use of the narthex by non-profit organizations not sponsored or chartered by Sacred Heart Church should be submitted, in writing, to a member of Parish Council at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. The request must include the purpose of the event and who will benefit, and the date(s) requested. This may include attending the Parish Council meeting for additional discussion. Only requests approved by a majority of Parish Council will be approved. 


Length of Time for Permissible Events 

With the exception of PTS’s “Two Ladies and a Table,” no organization may use the narthex for more than two consecutive weekends without majority approval of Parish Council. Requests may be submitted, in writing, to any member of Parish Council. 


February 23, 2009